Welcome to PV IndiaTech 2020, the latest addition to PV-Tech’s acclaimed series of bespoke, high-quality, global solar PV events.

The inaugural event took place in April 2019 and due to exceptional feedback and demand we are returning later this year.


The inaugural event was attended by over 300 attendees and we will be publishing the insights from this event in late 2019.

The PV IndiaTech 2020 conference will continue to bring together all key domestic and overseas stakeholders, including government bodies, investors, and the leading companies today from manufacturing to O&M and asset management. To thrive globally as a major PV power beyond 2020, India has to succeed in unlocking its potential both to manufacture and to lay claim to quality utility-scale solar farms that are providing high returns on investment to site owners.

Attend PV IndiaTech 2020:

  • Understand India’s long-term solar PV competitiveness through investment, foreign company participation & technology innovation through the PV value-chain
  • Outline India’s long-term demand potential: balancing domestic & overseas cell/module supply & production levels
  • How can quality be ensured through the value-chain: what steps need to be implemented within India to provide investors with minimal risk & optimum return-on-investment
  • What needs to happen to transform the Indian upstream sector over the next five years to a 20GW+ cell & module production powerhouse
  • The importance of qualified O&M and asset management practices within existing & future Indian utility solar farm builds
  • Identify global trends in utility-solar construction & their impact on the Indian solar PV sector

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Energy storage, EVs boosted by India Budget

New finance minister promises support to lithium and EV manufacturing as well as solar and battery-based charging infrastructure.

India’s Madhya Pradesh consults on 500MW of energy storage and manufacturing

The Central Indian state wants storage services to help cater for an extra 2.7 million customers brought online by electrification schemes as well as increasing penetration of renewable energy on the grid.

India invites proposals for gravity-based energy storage projects

India is looking at gravity-based energy storage to take advantage of the technology’s short response times and flexibility when it comes to grid integration of clean energy sources.

ROUND-UP: JAKS 50MW Vietnam buy, Mono PERC in Belgium, India manufacturing delay, Iran water aid

JAKS MoU to buy 49.5MW Vietnam solar project, ReneSola provides 5.4MW of mono PERC modules to Helexia in Belgium, SECI delays PV manufacturing-linked tender again, Renewables to help Iran water scarcity.

Surprisingly ‘aggressive’ tariffs in Maharashtra’s 250MW solar auction

Bids have ranged between 2.87-2.91 rupees per unit in a 250MW solar auction at a challenging location, known as the Dondaicha Solar Park in the state of Maharashtra.

India solar heads cheerful with cross-political support – CEO survey

CEO’s expect 58GW of solar additions over the next five years, while average PV tariffs bids still seen as aggressive.

Gujarat awards 500MW in latest solar auction at 2.65 rupees low

The first auction for capacity at the Raghanesda Solar Park in the Indian state of Gujarat was scrapped due to high tariffs, but a second attempt has drawn far lower tariffs.

Japan tells India to review solar cell safeguard duties for product clarity

Japan has called on India to immediately review its safeguard duty on imported solar cells to ensure that products that have different characteristics from solar cells are excluded from the measure.






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