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Registration & Refreshments
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Conference welcome & event scope/outline
 - 11:00
Morning Session I: The opportunity for domestic manufacturing & overseas suppliers within India’s mid-term 100GW PV targets
India’s PV demand targets remain driven by government targets out to 2022 and 2030, within overall renewable energy capacity additions. While the targets remain ambitious and challenging to reach, the landscape is still one of low-risk with annual deployment levels still among some of the largest globally over the next 10 years. This session will examine in detail what PV additions will look like in the near to mid-term across ground-mount and rooftop segments, and from floating solar sites, defining the opportunity for both domestic and overseas suppliers and how new manufacturing plants within India can best serve future demand; what will be the role of tenders going forward in terms of driving new technology choices?
 - 11:30
Coffee & networking
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Morning Session II: State-of-the-art technologies & costs for PV modules, inverters & balance-of-systems components
The global PV industry continues to see massive advances in terms of module performance and overall blended production costs. The introduction of bifacial modules on tracking systems is redefining the bill-of-materials for utility-scale solar farms. The market-share growth of mono-based modules is now making this technology the mainstream type used, with 400W-plus panels now commonplace. This session will outline the current state-of-the-art metrics for module and site balance-of-systems components, how this is likely to trend in the next 3-5 years, and what impact this will have on new installations within India across each of ground-mount, rooftop and floating solar segments.
 - 14:00
Lunch & networking
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Afternoon Session I: Utility sector supply & the role of domestic manufacturing-driven government tenders
The desire for India to have domestic produced cells and modules remains central to the long-term solar goals from government agencies. Until now, the efforts to enable this have been linked mainly to large-scale ground-mount utility-based tendering. How successful has this route been to date? How will this change the domesticproduced share of utility-scale module supply out to 2022? Is a different approach required specific to utility-scale sites? This session will look at the requirements of utility-scale developers, EPCs and asset owners, in terms of maximizing site yield and minimizing module supplier risk through optimizing quality; including the role of bankability across local and overseas module suppliers. Talks will also feature from overseas and domestic GW-scale module suppliers, and how these companies are integral to satisfy the dual goals of end-market deployment targets and increased domestic supply for utility projects across India out to 2030; and the scope for partnership between domestic and overseas companies for Make-in-India
 - 16:30
Coffee & networking
 - 17:45
Afternoon Session II: Multi-GW rooftop demand as a driver for high-efficiency n-type modules & locally-produced inverters
The rooftop segment within India grown rapidly in the past couple of years and is now of the few global multi-GW specific demand sectors globally. Growth here is now coming from the commercial-and-industrial sector, in addition to public-owned and residential users. Rooftop optimization remains fundamentally different to ground-mounted sites (including floating solar) and has seen major changes in the past 12-18 months from a module-supplier and module-technology standpoint. This session will review global drivers for rooftop solar optimization, including the opportunities coming from very high-efficiency n-type modules that are now seeing strong investments within China and across Southeast Asia. With India inclined to ring-fence rooftop solar (in particular public sector owned) for domestic manufacturers, understanding the benchmarks here for module efficiency and price/cost will be key to driving future investments into local manufacturers.
 - 20:00
Evening event [sponsor hosted]
Use the evening event to network with the event organizers from PV-Tech, overseas attendees staying on-site, and key suppliers and customers involved at PV IndiaTech 2020.