Day 1 – Afternoon Session 2

Apr 24, 2019



Ensuring quality through the value-chain: what steps need to be implemented within India to provide investors with minimal risk & optimum return-on-investment

  • Globally, there is increased awareness today that final solar plant yield and return-on-investment is a multi-faceted phenomenon that can be traced back to manufacturing components/assembly, site-construction/BoS and operations/maintenance.
  • However, due in part to highly cost-competitive reverse-auction bidding processes that have often demanded dropping site capex levels to the lowest levels, the Indian utility sector is perceived by many as having a less-than-optimum build-quality footprint.
  • This session will focus specifically on learning from overseas markets and companies that have been at the forefront of quality control and auditing practices, in order to maximize utility solar quality, while keeping costs in check.
  • Incorporating global production equipment suppliers, project developers, EPCs and third-party testing laboratories, speakers here will help to explain to the Indian market why a full value-chain perspective on quality is essential.
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