Day 1 – Morning Session 2

Apr 24, 2019



Benchmarking how India becomes a PV powerhouse: defining the state-of-the-art metrics today adopted by the global overseas market-leaders.

  • A key strength of the Indian solar PV industry is the country’s willingness to welcome inward investment into the sector to ensure best-practices are adopted, to promote state-of-the-art operations across the full PV eco-system, and to enhance the competitiveness and prospects of its domestic companies.
  • This session will hear from leading overseas global market-leaders from across the entire PV value-chain, outlining the state-of-the-art metrics applied today for technology-optimization, cost-reduction, utility plant design and construction, and site yield optimization.
  • Companies speaking will include leading global cell makers, module producers, balance-of-systems suppliers, developers and EPCs, and O&M and asset managers.
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